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Primal Damage Control by Mark Sisson

Primal Damage Control

Primal Nutrition

Budget Friendly Multi-Vitamin

With our busy lives, it's hard to find time to eat right and gain the nutrients we need. Foods are often processed and contain fewer nutrients than we think they might. Supplementing our diets with products can be expensive and inconvenient.

Primal Blueprint is changing all that with its budget-friendly Primal Damage Control. This formula is designed to mimic the more expensive Damage Control Master Formula and omits the most expensive ingredients while still offering exceptional results.

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Instantly support your natural hormone production, balance blood sugar levels, decrease the effects of stress, boost nervous system function, and protect your cells with powerful antioxidants. This affordable alternative allows you to enjoy a quality health supplement that includes the strength of many separate products in one convenient package.

Primal Damage Control Ingredients

Primal Damage Control

  • Helps with Supporting the Immune System
  • May Strengthen the CNS and Improve Memory
  • Convenient Daily Packs
  • Helps Fights Fatigue
  • Benefits Skin, Hair and Nails
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