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Primal Calm by Mark Sisson

Primal Calm

Primal Nutrition

Natural and Anxiety Stress Relief

Is everyday stress making you crazy? We hear you! It's a common issue with today's modern society; however with Primal Calm you get back to basic.

Stress depends on our lifestyles, but it is also influenced through our nutrition. Primal Calm (formerly Proloftin) contains the nutrients that have been proven to reduce the effects of stress. This supplement is all-natural and requires only 2 easy-to-take capsules per day to obtain stress-reducing nutritional support. L-theanine, Magnolia Bark, and other ingredients make up this patented blend of effective stress fighters!

Phosphatidyl Serine has been called the “Anti-Stress Superstar”.

L-Theanine has been shown to reduce psychological and physiological stress responses.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros of Primal Calm

  • Helps relax you to enjoy life again with all-natural ingredients.
  • Since October 2006, Mark Sisson has been publishing on, a free blog that offers health articles, a weekly newsletter, and a thriving support forum with over 375,000 followers.
  • Mark conducts seminars on the Primal Blueprint way of life, including "PrimalCon" retreats in California.
  • Mark Sisson is a former world-class endurance athlete who has been promoting ancestral health principles and related recipes. shows his books rating at 4.5 or higher, including the best-seller of The Primal Blueprint in 2009.
  • The Primal Blueprint is a lifestyle philosophy that includes diet and exercise, as well as community support and supplements to assist in weight loss, restore energy and achieve peak performance.
  • Primal Blueprint offers a 30-day money-back customer guarantee that will refund your original purchase price.
  • Order auto-ship and get free shipping.
  • Primal Blueprint operates in Malibu, CA, and the website was established in 2009 (17 years ago).

Cons of Primal Calm

  • This item has Rhodiola rosea¬†which has been known to cause dreams that are intensely vivid and rich with details.¬†This will pass with continued use in about 2 to 3 weeks. Some users prefer to take only one capsule to avoid being overly sleepy.
  • With this all-natural formula, you will be amazed how much less stressed and anxious you will feel leading you to better manage everyday life.
  • Looking at the website, it's unclear what the shipping fee is for US domestic or international rates.
  • Primal Calm is not available at local retailers and must be ordered online.
  • There is no mention on the website if ingredients are grown with ecologically friendly cultivation methods or practices Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations.
  • Ingredients are not certified organic or non-GMO (genetically modified organisms).
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