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Soothanol X2 Ultra Accel CoQ10 - Accel CoQ10 is supercharged with ubiquinol a highly absorbable form of coenzyme Q 10.The ubiquinol in Accel is 8 times more powerful than traditional CoQ10, according to scientific absorption studies.
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Primal Force Prosta-Vive Prosta-Vive - Dr. Sears' Prostate Formula delivers safe, long-term support keeping your prostate its healthy size, letting you enjoy a powerful good urine flow every time you need to go. Prosta-Vive BetaQ helps keep your prostate its healthy size.
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Dr. Sears The Ultimate in Heart Support Estro-Cleanse - Too much estrogen is the number one cause of beer bellies, double chins and loss of ambition. Getting rid of excess estrogen is easy with Estro-Cleanse. Two powerful ingredients from vegetables compounds metabolize estrogen and wash it out of your system. It's that easy.
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Dr. Sears The Ultimate in Heart Support Assure HC Tonic - Your heart needs specific nutrients to keep it going strong. When you don’t get them, your heart gets tired. But instead of carting around a bucket of pills, you can simply enjoy Assure HC Tonic. This great-tasting shake has a rich, chocolate flavor that comes from the exotic, heart-healthy cupuaçu fruit.
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Al Sears, M.D. - Dr. Sears is board-certified as a clinical nutrition specialist and a member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), the American Medical Association (AMA), the Southern Medical Association (SMA), the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), and the Herb Research Foundation, (HRF). Dr. Sears is also an ACE-certified fitness trainer.


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