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Ultra Greens

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Get the Nutrient Power of 9 Pounds of Assorted Veggies... Now with Nutriose® for Better Absorption!

Dr. Sears' original Ultra Greens formula delivers the nutrients you're missing from your diet and drags deadly toxins right out of your body... Now his NEW formula is even better, thanks to the patented soluble fiber Nutriose®

This unique type of fiber improves the absorption of Ultra Greens powerful "super foods." By ramping up energy to your cells, Nutriose® multiplies Ultra Green's healing and detoxifying power.

Nutriose® is clinically proven to enhance mineral absorption and promote the growth of "friendly bacteria." These are the "good guys" that improve your digestion and help you keep your GI tract clean and healthy.

Just 2 teaspoons of Ultra Greens a day feeds every cell in your body and helps expell the toxins hiding in your blood, tissues and organs.*

Your Produce May Look Nice on the Shelf but It's Missing what Your Body Needs

Today's commercial farmers are under a lot of pressure. With narrow profit margins, they grow fruits and vegetables designed to look good. That means they're often little more than pith and water. And harsh fertilizers leave the soil with few – if any – minerals to nourish the plants.

Even the government's own USDA admits that vitamin and mineral levels have fallen by as much as 81% over the last 30 years...

Ultra Greens comes to the rescue with powerful green "super foods" like barley grass, spirulina and chlorophyll. These 3 superstars are the core of Ultra Greens' disease-fighting formula. But you'll find over 40 other nutrients designed to boost your energy levels and give you a single source of total nutrition.

Let Ultra Greens Heal Your Body at the Cellular Level

Ultra Greens is more than just vitamin replacement or a great way to clean out your body. It's a complete system that heals and empowers your body over time. With its unique cumulative effect, Ultra Greens has an unmatched track record.

Dr. Sears' files are full of Ultra Green stories and testimonials from customers all over the world. These are the people who gave Ultra Greens a chance and are getting life-transforming results.

Your modern body needs a good detox... So put Ultra Greens to work for you today!

Individual results may vary depending on many factors, including your medical conditions and personal approach.

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