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Primal Blueprint - Supplements by Mark Sisson

Primal Nutrition

Weight loss is an issue most men and women face at some point in their life. Many diets and exercise routines fail for a lot of people, so different approaches are necessary, Primal living refers to 'getting back to basics' and selecting dietary options that help optimize wellness. In Primal Blueprint, author Mark Sisson aims to reprogram genes through his specialized approach to weight loss. By eating certain foods and avoiding a few others, as well as following a surprisingly simplified exercise routine, users can lose weight and keep it off. Want to know more about the process? Check out the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification!

Primal Fuel

Primal Fuel - Primal Whey

With Primal Fuel, you can finally have a naturally delicious, highly nutritious quick meal option. Primal Fuel includes 20 grams of the highest biological value protein available and defeats hunger with satisfying healthy fats from coconut milk. This shake is designed to help you maintain lean muscle mass while enjoying quick, convenient low carbohydrate meals! ~ [more]

Damage Control Master Formula

Damage Control Master Formula - High Potency Multi-Vitamin

Damage Control Master Formula is a supplement that helps you fight all these negatives and fill in nutritional gaps. This comprehensive formula includes everything needed to ensure you are getting what your body really craves. A multi-vitamin formula with E, C, and B vitamins works with essential minerals to support immunity, nervous system health, and nearly every part of your body. ~ [more]

Primal Damage Control

Primal Damage Control - Budget Friendly Multi-Vitamin

Primal Damage Control is a less expensive low potency alternative to the Damage Control Master Formula offers the same ingredients as the Master Formula with the except of the more expensive ingredients (Resveratrol, Phosphatidyl Serine and l-Carnitine, for example) and reduces the dosage of other ingredients. [more]

Primal Flora

Primal Flora - Probiotics

Our ancestors ate dirt. This sounds counter-intuitive considering we wash everything nowadays, but dirt is rich is healthy flora that help us build immunity, digest food, and manage our weight. Primal Flora is an easy solution to this lack of friendly bacteria, containing the most important probiotics needed for proper body balance in just one capsule per day. [more]

Primal Calm

Primal Calm - Stress Release Formula

Stress depends on our lifestyles, but it is also influenced through our nutrition. Primal Calm (formerly Proloftin) contains the nutrients that have been proven to reduce the effects of stress. This supplement is all-natural and requires only 2 easy-to-take capsules per day to obtain stress-reducing nutritional support. L-theanine, Magnolia Bark, and other ingredients make up this patented blend of effective stress fighters!

The Primal Blueprint Book The Primal Blueprint - by Mark Sisson

If your diet and wellness routine isn't working, reconsider your approach! Primal Blueprint ditches fad diets and gets back to the basics of nutrition. In fact, it isn't necessary to starve yourself or spend hours exercising at the gym to achieve results. Primal Blueprint delivers information based on the research and experiences of author Mark Sisson. [more]

Primal Cookbook The Primal Cookbook - by Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson's biology background and life experience as a competitive runner have given him amazing insights into nutrition and wellness. His top-rated fitness blog, “Mark's Daily Apple”, offers practical wellness tips, recipes, and motivation to all. His life-long thirst for wellness knowledge has allowed Primal Blueprint to take off as a company that engages customers by offering excellent service and products. Individuals wishing to pursue a healthier lifestyle will feel empowered by the company's beneficial supplements, best-selling books, and wealth of free resources accessible by all. [more]

Vital Omegas Vital Omegas - Omega Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are known for their heart-healthy effects and work hard to boost immunity and support joint and nervous system health. Ingesting the proper amounts of Omega 3s is a real struggle, as only a few foods contain them. Vital Omegas overcomes this obstacle with the highest quality of pure EPA and DHA essential fatty acids available. Just 3 easy-to-swallow capsules per day ensures you receive the Omega 3s you need.

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