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by Administrator on Jul 22, 2015

Flax seeds have been popular for years around the world. Science and research have shown enormous nutritional value from flax seeds. Flax are grains that contain vitamins, calcium essential minerals and Omega Fatty Acids.

Chia are seeds harvested from Salvia hispanica native to Mexico and is commercially grown in South American with high concentration in Guatemala and in recent years more and more popular in Australia.

Chia is a close contestant in being the new superfood of not only this century, but 1000s of years ago when the Aztecs used it as one of their staple foods.

Recent studies of Chia have shown to help support blood sugar leveling, circulation and weight loss.

There are 2 identifying features of chia that flax seeds don’t have.  Chia is a great antioxidant like acai and pomegranates.  Also, chia is easier to store and last longer than flax seeds.

I find that grinding of flax seeds to be time consuming.  Chia seeds can be ordered in ground form and easy added to baked goods like breads, muffins and puddings.

I have a friend that had a negative experience.  Chia seeds have high fiber content, and can lead to bloating and stomach issues.  On the flip side can be beneficial for IBS and other intestinal issues.

NOTE: If you are allergic to mustard or sesame, tend to have an allergic reaction to chia.

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