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by Administrator on Sep 7, 2015

Supplements are one of the most preferable ways to live a healthy and happy life nowadays –most of the time, they are also the best ways. Talking about nowadays, it is indeed getting difficult to be healthy because of the lifestyle because people have to deal with over-busy working and instant foods. Fortunately, there have been many ways to get a healthy body, and one of them is by consuming a supplement or two regularly. Nowadays, we can find many kinds of supplement sold in drugstores and pharmacies. Based on the ingredients, they are divided into chemical and natural supplement; and yes, natural ones have always been the best option. Besides offering less side effects (than the chemical ones) the natural ones tend to give much longer effect.

When you step in a drugstore and ask for a natural supplement, you might be getting overwhelmed by the fact that there are just so many of them. Some of them are pure supplement, which means that they are made of a single natural ingredient –for instance, gingko biloba and garlic supplement. Some of them, on the other hand, are combined with other natural ingredients or even chemical substance. One of the most popular supplements out there is the one made of milk thistle. Basically, milk thistle is a flowering herb plant –it has been widely used as drugs and supplement. Sources mentioned that the plant is usually associated with ragweed and daisy family. The plant itself is originated from the Mediterranean countries, and it is difficult to find in other regions.

One reason of why milk thistle supplement has become a popular kind of supplement is because it offers many health benefits, and one of them is for liver problems. Some medical sources wrote that the herb is often used as the medication for jaundice, hepatitis, gallbladder disorders, and other illnesses related to the liver functionality. Besides being used and able to cure liver illnesses, supplements made of milk thistle are also able to lower the cholesterol level. In other words, if you are suffering from high cholesterol level due to the fast foods you frequently ate, milk thistle supplement might be helpful for you. For those who are suffering from diabetes type 2 and cirrhosis, this supplement is also beneficial. Other health benefits are including suppressing the growth of cancer cells.

Regardless of the above health benefits, you must know that milk thistle also causes some side effects. The first common side effect is allergies, which is possibly suffered by those who are sensitive of strong drugs and substances. When you take the supplement along with other drugs, make sure that the drugs can be combined with the supplement. Medical sources warned that the supplement should not be taken with drugs that are broken down by the same enzymes in the liver. Other possible side effects are including blood sugar, skin rash (including into allergies symptom), and stomach discomfort. It is recommended that you visit a doctor before consuming this supplement, to make sure whether it is safe for you or not to consume milk thistle supplements.

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