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by Administrator on Aug 22, 2015

Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea), sometimes called Arctic root  or golden root, is an herb featuring a small yellow flower.   Rhodiola grows in the arctic areas of Europe and Asia at higher elevations.  Rhodiola has been used in traditional medicine in Scandinavian countries and Russia for hundreds of years.

Rhodiola rosea is the beneficial rhodiola supplement you want if you are seeking its healthful benefits.  It is used to combat stress and fatigue, boosts mental alertness, increases a person's concentration and focus and improves physical strength and stamina. It is also used to prevent heart disease caused by stress.

Rhodiola was given the term adaptogen by a Russian scientist who, after searching for a natural remedy for stress and fatigue, found the rhodiola plant and discovered its adaptogenic characteristics, and gave the term adaptogen to this amazing stress buster that is grown abundantly in the cold regions of the northern hemisphere.

Far more research supports the use of a rhodiola supplement with a high concentration of rosavins (concentration of rosarin, rosin and rosavin) for improving athletic performance and mental focus, as well as treating anxiety and depression. Rhodiola rosea is the only plant known to contain these rosavins.   Aside from rosavin, rhodiola also contains other phytochemicals such as quercetin, proanthocyanidins and gallic acid which are known antioxidants.

Taken late in the day, this herb can interfere with sleep or cause vivid dreams during the first month of use. Extremely rare side effects include headaches, rapid heart rate, and restlessness.  Bipolar people should consult their physiatrist before taking any form of Rhodiola. 

There are many benefits and uses of this herb; however the main uses are for stress relief and depression.  To find relief, Rhodiola can be taken in capsules, tea or extracts. For specific, look at the packaging for suggested dosage.

When shopping for rhodiola, there are other types of this herb including Rhodiola Rhodantha and Rhodiola Crenulata that could be used as fillers or less potent.

Rhodiola Rhodantha, R. rhodantha (aka sedum rhodantha or r. rhodantha), a perennial herb that can be found in the Rocky Mountains. It's more often grown in the US for its beauty versus medicinal use and is locally call Rose Crown or King's Crown.  When buying a supplement with Rhodiola Rhodantha, be doubtful.  There is little evidence supporting the use of Rhodiola rhodantha for medicinal purposes, so it's best to get the herb that you need, Rhodiola rosea.

Rhodiola Crenulata, r. crenulata, research suggests that phytochemicals could have cancer-treating properties; however, r. crenulata is heavier on salidrosides versus of rosavins.

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Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea), sometimes called Arctic root or golden root, is an herb featuring a small yellow flower. Rhodiola grows in the arctic...


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