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by Administrator on Jul 25, 2015

One significant feature of chia seeds is the high concentrations of omega three fatty acids in these ovules. The ovules of salvia hispanica are rich in omega three fatty acids, the well known substance that helps in the fight against cholesterol. They contain more Omega-3 than Atlantic salmon, antioxidants, fiber, and calcium. They also contain essential minerals such as phosphorus, manganese, calcium and potassium. Their chemical composition makes them a safe and healthy food that has a long history of nutrition. Introduction of these seeds into a diet can help to combat the harmful build-up.

Another characteristic of this product is that it tends to swell in the tummy so reducing hunger and allowing fat people to resist the temptation to carry on eating after they know that they should have stopped. In many old cultures where people have to go for long periods without food such remedies for hunger have been practiced successfully for centuries and whole races of people have remained slim.

Eating too much is a habit that develops when food is readily available. The habit can become deadly and more than one glutton has gorged himself into his grave. Salvia hispanica can help reduce appetite and the craving for more and more food. When a person eats less he is less likely to experience the lethargy that is a result of an elevated blood sugar levels after heavy meals.

As a result of its composition the ovules have a gelling action when ingested. Soluble and insoluble fibers combine to balance blood sugar levels, ameliorating the sharp spikes between too much and two little sugar. This is a major problem for diabetics, so it is important to stabilize the spikes.

Health foods, appetite suppressants and other such products can be a very expensive business, against which the purchase of chia seeds wholesale becomes economically attractive. Organically produced products can be sourced online. They are interesting and beneficial purchases.

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