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by Administrator on Jul 22, 2015

What are Chia Seeds? What is the difference between white and black chia? How can Chia Seeds used? How are the seed stored? Is it necessary to grind the seed? Where are Chia Seeds grown? Can Chia be eaten by people suffering celiac disease? Chia (Salvia hispanica) is considered an annual herb that is closely related to the mint family.

What is the difference between black and white chia?

There is no nutritional difference between the black and white seeds.  There are slight variations year to year leading to several varieties; however the nutritional value remains rather consistent.  Some seasons will result in larger or small quantities leading to fluxuations season cost of the black or white seeds.

How can chia seeds used?

Chia can be added to food or drinks whole, split seeds and ground up.  The shells can be split or ground easily or ordered online in several different forms.  They are easily digestible and mild tasting enough to cook into your favorite recipes. View our recipes section for more ideas on how to incorporate chia into your diet. 

How are the seed stored?

When stored in a dry place at room temperature for up to 5 years. Unlike its competitor flax seed, you don’t need to keep refrigerated.  The reason for the long lifetime is the antioxidants.

Do you have to grind the seeds?

Chia does not need to be ground for absorption; however can be split or ground to be added to recipes.

Where are chia seeds grown?

Chia are seeds harvested from Salvia hispanica belonging to the botanical family of Labiate of Lamiaceae.  Chia is native to Mexico and is commercially grown in South American with high concentration in Guatemala and in recent years more and more popular in Australia.

Are chia seeds gluten free?

Yes, being naturally gluten free people suffering from auto-immune disorders like celiac disease are able to benefit from its natural nutrients.

They are also low in sodium and cholesterol-free.

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