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by Administrator on Aug 2, 2015

Chia seeds are being reintroduced to the world as a Superfood. Most people don’t know that the Aztecs and Native Indians where the first to benefit from the use of Chia seeds.  The Aztecs valued chia in its raw form for endurance for hunting and energy to travel long distances. The Spanish conquistador considered raw chia seeds to be a sacred food.

If you are considering starting a raw food diet, chia seeds are an essential part of the diet. Chia seeds eaten raw are rich in antioxidants.  As modern day science research proves that eating essential minerals and vitamins are essential for a healthy life.  With the popularity of fast and process food, chia seeds are a great addition to your diet.

Boosted as being more beneficial than a piece of salmon, chia seeds include high levels of omega-3 & 6. With the over fishing of salmon and other marine life, chia seeds offers a nutritious solution for Omega Fatty Acids that is sustainable for our earth.

Additionally, chia seeds include 3 to 6 times more calcium than a serving of milk protein; more than 50% of the daily recommend fiber that helps prevent colon disorders like IBS and leaky gut. 

Unfortunately, finding raw chia at the grocery isn’t a common thing at this point.  There are places you can find quality chia seeds online. These are typically grown in Guatemala and Mexico. As the popularity of this raw seed, more and more health food stores are carrying this superfood.

Eating chia raw is the best way to retain all of the nutrients and fiber. There are new lines of drinks and puddings that provide a quick and on the run option. Mexican restaurants have a drink called chia fresco that offers a light way to enjoy the raw seeds.

Visit our recipes page for ways to incorporate chia seeds into your everyday cooking.

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