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Supplements are divided into two, based on their origins; they are chemical and natural supplement. Chemical supplement is supplement that is made...

on Nov 27, 2015

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on Sep 21, 2015

by Administrator on Nov 27, 2015

Supplements are divided into two, based on their origins; they are chemical and natural supplement. Chemical supplement is supplement that is made of chemical and human-made substances. Yes, it has several benefits to the consumers’ health –but it also causes some side effects that might endanger the consumers’ health. Especially under regular and daily basis consumption, such supplement might cause some side effects. The natural supplement, on the other hand, is supplement that is made of natural ingredients, particularly certain parts of certain plants. The health effect offers by natural supplement is much better than the chemical ones, mainly because it causes no or merely few side effects. If you care much about your well-being, it is recommended that you choose natural ones instead of the chemical supplement.
Nowadays, more people seem to prefer supplements made of natural ingredients rather than chemical substance. Besides causing no (or few) side effects, natural supplement also brings much longer and permanent health effect. There have been lots of natural supplement out there, in which some of them are the mixture between more than one natural ingredients or sometimes natural ingredient with a little chemical substance. One of the best natural ingredients out there is Ginseng, which has been popular all over Asia and the world. Ginseng is a natural ingredient for supplement, which is usually used in the form of dried root. Either sliced or whole, ginseng root offers many health benefits.
There are indeed various benefits offer by Ginseng and supplements made of this dried root. One of the common benefits is dealing with stamina, in which people believe that consuming this root will improve your stamina, and thus, you will have more energy to do the activities during the day. Some medical sources mention that improving sexual function is also said to be another benefit offered by ginseng. A particular type of ginseng that offers this benefit is red ginseng, which has been used as a medicinal cure for impotence for centuries all over Asia. Natural substance in this root is able to heal erectile dysfunction, and thus, improving sexual functions. Recent studies also show that a dosage of ginseng can cure cancer and also improve the immune system. One thing about all of the benefits is that although all varieties of ginseng offers the same benefit, they might bring different benefits to your health.
Ginseng is not a perfect natural ingredients since the consumption for long period and under uncontrolled dosage can cause some side effects. A recent journal on health state that although ginseng can be tolerated by most people with different health condition, some people might suffer from allergic symptoms when consuming drugs and supplement contains of ginseng. Although you might not suffer from allergic reaction, excessive consumption of this kind of supplement might cause side effects for your health. Especially if you consume red ginseng, you might suffer from blood pressure, and restlessness. Anxiety, diarrhea, headache, nosebleed, and insomnia are the common side effects caused by the consumption of this natural ingredient. One little advice for you, always follow the normal dosage when consuming ginseng supplements.

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