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by Administrator on Oct 7, 2015

Garlic is an herb, which boasts of a number of great benefits. It is widely used in cooking because of its beneficial properties. You may take garlic raw or you may even go for garlic supplements if you wish. There are many different types of garlic supplements, such as garlic tablets and garlic extracts. Many people prefer to take these supplements so they don’t have to keep up with the strong odor of raw garlic. The tablet is enteric-coated and will break down only after reaching the intestines. These supplements are usually made from garlic oil, dried garlic, or aged garlic.

Main benefits of taking garlic supplements:

Garlic supplements have been known to effectively work against cardiovascular diseases. These include atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. When you take the supplements, you trigger better heart health because garlic works to decrease LDL cholesterol while increasing HDL at the same time. Also, it lowers your blood pressure and platelet aggregation.

Garlic supplements will keep you healthy and enhance your immunity. Thus, you will be able to resist a few infections and diseases with ease. Garlic is known to have antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Thus, it can prevent the common cold or it can at least ensure that you recover from a cold faster than you normally would.

A recent study has also revealed that garlic supplements may help against a few types of cancer, such as gastric cancer and colorectal cancer. Another study showed that cancer patients were effectively relieved of a number of side effects due to chemotherapy upon taking garlic supplements regularly. Chemotherapy also usually causes heart damage and intestinal damage, which can be avoided by taking garlic supplements regularly.

You should consume no more than 1200mg of aged garlic extract each day. You should ensure you take the dosage not all at once but in a divided manner. If you are taking garlic tincture, you should take no more than 20 ml per day. If you’re taking garlic tablets, 400 mg should be taken three times a day.

If you are using other medications, it’d be advisable to talk to your doctor about taking garlic supplements in addition to these, just to be careful.

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