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by Administrator on Feb 8, 2015

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a syndrome described as persistent impulsiveness and a short attention span.  People with ADD can find it hard to focus on simple task for long periods of time.  As the diagnosis of ADD has become more popular, doctors are prescribing medications in excess creating a billion dollar dependency industry.

Vitamins for ADD

Over the years, more and more studies have found that there are options to medications using supplements and other essential nutrients to help control ADD.  Over the Counter (OTC) zinc and omega fatty acids have been shown to lessen ADD symptoms.


Zinc has the benefits of reducing impulsivity and hyperactivity symptoms. You can purchase zinc OTC at your pharmacy or online.  Another option is a high zinc diet that would including foods like nuts, beans, red meat and seafood.

Omega Fatty Acids

Omega fatty acids are necessary elements for the body.  Higher doses of Omega-3 found in marine oils or some plants can help with daydreaming and provide mental clarity.  Most popular form of this is in fish oil gel caps; however there are other alternatives including squid oil and chia seeds.

It will take time for your body to start to exhibit changes.  Be patient and give it time. The key for these supplements to work is to take them consistently.

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