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by Administrator on Jan 6, 2015

Lowering cholesterol is one of the main health problems people who are living a modern lifestyle are dealing with. As a matter of fact, it seems to be more difficult to live a modern life, mainly because they are just too many health problems are lurking and endangering our well-being. One main health problem of living a modern life is dealing with our daily activities –people seem to have no time to take a deep breath and take a rest. The rapid dynamic of modern life also requires them to work 24 hours a day, even during weekends and sometimes holidays. Another health problem people have to face is dealing with foods to consume. There are just too many junk and unhealthy foods consumption, which is the source of various health problems as cholesterol and heart disease.

Nowadays, there have been a lot of ways to handle the aforementioned health problems of living in this modern era, from the medical up to natural ways. Medical ways are dealing with medicines and regular checkup to a doctor or nutritionist. Since medical ways require lots of budget and time, and the effect might be not everlasting, we recommend you to apply natural method, which is applicable at home. One of the best natural ways to get a happy healthy life is by consuming supplements made of natural ingredients. Garlic supplement is one of the natural supplements that can help you to deal with health problems as preventing heart disease, high cholesterol, and so forth. Garlic does contain special substances that are able to cure particular illnesses, and thus, it has been widely used as supplements.

Some people do believe that garlic as supplement is the best idea for natural supplement. However, there are at least three classifications of illnesses that can be cured by this natural supplement or ingredients. One group is in which the supplement is possibly effective. One illness in this classification is high blood pressure –some researches do show that substances in garlic are capable of reducing blood pressure of people with high blood pressure. The decreasing blood pressure is up to 8 percent. One example of garlic supplement as cure for blood pressure is Kwai, a product from Lichtwer Pharma –the production is based on the earlier studies.

Besides being able to cure blood pressure at high level, supplements made of garlic is also said to be effective for fungal infections. Ajoene is one substance in garlic that is able to deal with such infection. We have earlier discussed about the cure for cholesterol, which is in fact, there is no sufficient evidences and researches that support whether garlic supplement is able to cure such illness or not. However, combined with other natural ingredients, garlic supplements could be as effective as living a healthy modern life. Similarly, there is not enough researches to prove that garlic supplement is able to cure diabetes, breast cancer, and lung cancer. In addition, medical sources mentioned that garlic supplement might be effective to deal with rectal cancer, colon cancer, and other illnesses associated with stomach benefits.

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